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The Welsh Bookworm

The Welsh Bookworm is a librarian living and working in rural Minnesota. She is a past-president of the St. David’s Society of Minnesota, leads the Welsh folk-dance group Traed Y Ddraig, and teaches Welsh language classes. Her Welsh Bookworm column was featured occasionally in the newspaper Y Drych, now part of Ninnau. Laurel works for the Carver County Public Libraries in Waconia and Norwood Young America, loves reading, music, dance, languages, genealogy, gardening, and bird watching. Laurel reads historical fiction, mysteries, sci fi/fantasy, medieval and British history, Arthurian fiction, classics, and of course, anything connected to Wales. Follow my blog at http://welshbookworm.wordpress.com

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Mrs. Queen Takes the Train
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The Boleyn Deceit
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The Tender Heart: Conquering Your Insecurity - Joseph Nowinski Book Description from Amazon.com
Insecurity is not a flaw or shortcoming, but rather a personality trait that reflects both innate temperament and individual life experiences. He sheds light on common causes of insecurity and provides guidelines for conquering the self-doubt, debilitating self-consciousness, and chronic lack of confidence that prevent many people from enjoying life to the fullest -- especially in their romantic and professional relationships. Combining personality quizzes, case histories of people who have "recovered" from insecurity, and authoritative advice, The Tender Heart offers expert advice on: -- Avoiding emotional predators who prey on sensitive people -- Coping with a tough-hearted partner or colleague -- Finding your emotional mate -- Raising children who are self-confident Everyone has experienced times when their own insecurity or the insecurity of others result in negative feelings and even the destruction of valued relationships. The Tender Heart makes it possible to express one's sensitivity in positive ways in personal and professional situations.