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The Welsh Bookworm is a librarian living and working in rural Minnesota. She is a past-president of the St. David’s Society of Minnesota, leads the Welsh folk-dance group Traed Y Ddraig, and teaches Welsh language classes. Her Welsh Bookworm column was featured occasionally in the newspaper Y Drych, now part of Ninnau. Laurel works for the Carver County Public Libraries in Waconia and Norwood Young America, loves reading, music, dance, languages, genealogy, gardening, and bird watching. Laurel reads historical fiction, mysteries, sci fi/fantasy, medieval and British history, Arthurian fiction, classics, and of course, anything connected to Wales. Follow my blog at http://welshbookworm.wordpress.com

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Two for the Dough - Janet Evanovich Not very compelling as a mystery, but I'll give it an A+ for humor and quirky characters. Joe Morelli takes a back seat in this one and Ranger is practically non-existant. Grandma Mazur is the main star here. The big blue Buick could be a character in its own right, and then, of course, there is Rex, the hamster. Lots of slapstick humor and laugh-out-loud moments. A wonderful light-hearted escape with no literary merit whatsoever. It would make a great "bad" TV show. C. J. Critt must have worked on her New Jersey accent for this one. I wasn't convinced on her reading of the first book, but this one was fine. I'll definitely keep listening to the series.

Description (from back of case):
Stephanie Plum, the sassiest, spunkiest female bounty hunter in America (or at least New Jersey) is back to take on her second case. She's armed with attitude and outrageous fashion sense - not to mention stun guns, defense sprays, killer flashlights, and her trusty .38 - and all the determination a neophyte bounty hunter can muster. In Two For the Dough, she's after a ruthless bail jumper who has an affection for mailing Stephanie deadly notes and pickled body parts, and stealing 24 super-cheap caskets loaded with contraband. When the case overwhelms Stephanie and fast-talking vice cop Joe Morelli, she calls in a real pro: her grandma Mazur, a grey-haired, spandex-wearing dynamo packing heat.

Series info:
#2 of series
See: One for the Money